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Commercial Painting Los Angeles CA

Here, at Byron's Painting, we believe that painting is not just a job, but a craft. For years we have been bringing walls to life in the Los Angeles area. Our commitment to complete customer satisfaction, our competitive rates, and our quality of work has earned us a reliable reputation amongst Los Angeles homeowners and business owners.

Which type of paint is best for me?

If you are having trouble choosing which type of paint is best suited for your specific needs and environment, our team’s expansive knowledge of the latest trends in colors, textures, and styles may be able to assist you. Our team understands how different types of colors can affect the mood of a room and are happy to apply a color sample to ensure your complete satisfaction.

What if I have pictures hanging on my walls?

No need to worry. If you have framed pictures and paintings or mirrors on your walls, our team will carefully remove them and place them back in their desired spot after we are finished painting. Our growing success cannot only be attributed to our attention to detail, but also to the level of respect we have for you and your belongings. Our team prides ourselves on leaving your home or business just as clean as when we found it.

What if I’m thinking of selling my business?

If you are considering selling your Los Angeles business, an exterior or interior paint job is definitely worth your while. Giving your business or home a fresh coat of paint will help with real estate appreciation.

Can an exterior paint job strengthen my business?

Absolutely. If done correctly a fresh coat of paint is capable of protecting your Los Angeles business from the harsh elements of wind, rain, and hail for years.

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