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Deck Sealing Los Angeles CA

My team and I are here to help make sure the people of Los Angeles will be able to enjoy their decks for years to come. The quality sealants we use will protect your deck from rain, foot traffic, stains, mildew and UV rays. It is actually UV rays which cause the most harm to your deck as unsealed wood will be dried by the Sun’s light, making the wood brittle and faded. Furthermore, my team knows those elusive techniques to get the sealant deep into the pores of the wood so the sealant protects as well as it can.

Don’t let avoidable damage happen to your deck. If you are in the Los Angeles area then give me, Matthew, a call to discuss how to best seal and protect your deck.

Deck sealing QandA

Q: Should I seal the underside of my deck?

Whether you should have the underside of your deck sealed is a question that really depends on how your deck is built. Typically, if you have, say, a patio beneath your deck, then it is a good idea to seal it so that you can fully protect and extend the life of your wood. It also depends on the type of wood your deck is made of because certain woods are more prone to being damaged by water than others. After a quick inspection of your Los Angeles deck I will be able to tell you exactly what your deck is best suited for and how to have it protected as long as possible.